The Office Edition

Second take! After the CEOs have already revealed their favorite Metallbude products to us in person, other Metallbudeers are now following suit and giving profound insights into their world of thoughts and feelings. Handkerchiefs out, because it's going to be brutally honest.

CARO – the straight one

"I like it colourful, flashy and different."

About BOVI:

On average, a man owns 8.2 pairs of shoes. A woman even 17.3 pairs. But before a private discussion breaks out at home: Both wear a similar number of shoes regularly. And our BOVI shoe rack is perfectly adequate for this.

TOBI - The humorless

"As a product developer and designer, I really appreciate the filigree shape of the tubular steel and the overall aesthetic composition. DELAYA is a jewel par excellence.”


There could be a cheap boner joke here, but it probably wouldn't go well. In addition, our towel stand DELAYA does not need many words, but convinces with its size.

RICKY – The rarity collector

“Why is STENNI my favorite product? I have a heart for outsiders and oddballs - and among our towel rails, STENNI is unfortunately exactly that. Most people simply underestimate how practical and at the same time beautiful it is in the bathroom."


You always have the choice: you can throw your towel in the corner or use it to wipe the sweat from your forehead. And if you don't value cheap calendar or motivational slogans, you can simply hang it stylishly on our STENNI towel rail.

VANESSA – The strategist

"I am addicted. It all started with a bag of chips. Chocolate bars and sometimes a fruit plate were added later. I'm addicted to snacks. But I've learned to deal with it: beautifully draped on DAVA, it feels less like an addiction and more like a lifestyle.”

About DAVA

Breakfast in bed? An aperitif on the terrace? Or snacks for the evening of the series? After James and Alfred, our serving tray DAVA takes over the butler for you. So all you have to do is prepare, arrange, serve and clean up afterwards. Handy, right?

January 26, 2023