The CEO Edition

It's probably no secret that each of us has a favorite colleague in the office. Likewise, everyone in the team has a favorite Metallbude product. Opinions differ quite a bit here - but with the grandiose selection of products, you can't blame us, can you? The CEO's among the metal budders start and tell you which product from our range is their favorite - and show (more or less) full physical effort.

CHRISTIAN – The tough as steel

“Why is the RUBI clothes rail my favorite product? Because after the workout is before the next workout. After all, rock-hard biceps don’t come by accident.”*


About RUBI

What's sexier than a vertical pole? Our clothes rail RUBI. (Imagine Joe Cocker's hit tune at this point.) Mounted horizontally on the ceiling, it not only ensures that the covers are dropped, but also organizes your wardrobe at the same time.

DENNIS – The playful one

“In my opinion, the RIA console table is the most attractive piece of furniture from Metallbude. And as is well known, like and like like to associate.”

About RIA:

The keyword "shapely" may make some think of the elegant curves of a sports car and others of the product description of shaping underwear - we, on the other hand, clearly have our RIA console table in mind. More shapely than that - if at all - only Kim Kardashian's butt is.

TOBI - The Minimalist

"The little things in life are often wrongly underestimated. Our PALO coat hooks show that it is not the size that matters, but what you make of it.”

About PALO:

There is a popular saying that size doesn't matter. Our coat hook PALO is designed in such a way that, despite its minimalist design and simple dimensions, it gives great satisfaction by being versatile and combinable with other furnishings.

RUDI – The self-confident

"The wall mirror CALEO reflects me like no other of our products."

About CALEO:

Don't like what you see in the mirror? We can't change that either. But what we can do is give your sight a new frame with our organically shaped CALEO wall mirror. This will not make you more beautiful, but your apartment will.