To create products that not only impress with their quality and design, but also tell a story and capture the pulse of the times. This was the vision of interior designer and content creator Eva Söllner. It took over a year of development to create a collection of one-of-a-kind objects that are more than just objects. The 'raw types' collection is minimalist, cubist and above all raw. In an interview, Eva Söllner gives an insight into the design process and reveals which piece of the collection is her personal favorite.



Eva, together with Metallbude you have launched the 'raw types' collection - an interior collection that is completely different from what we know from Metallbude. This is your first project as a designer. How did this collaboration happen?
"About two years ago I had a vision of a very specific coffee table in a very specific material. At the same time, Metallbude had the idea of a co-creation collection. Since we have been working together for years, both sides had intuitively thought of each other, and then at the beginning of 2023 I took the plunge and simply asked if Metallbude could imagine such a collaboration. The idea was welcomed by the team and the journey started ".

Can you give us some insights into the design process that led to the final pieces in the collection?
"To be honest, I knew from the beginning which direction I wanted to go. I had very clear ideas, especially for the coffee table and side table. Based on that, I created the vase and the tray that complete the collection. Round is also a good keyword here: I wanted the vase to contrast with the angular shapes and to make the base of the vase round. However, this would have been much more complicated and expensive to produce, so I came up with the idea of the triangular vase. Looking back, I am very happy that I designed the vase in this way, because it is something completely new and complements the collection perfectly."


All pieces in the collection are made of sandblasted raw stainless steel. This represents a completely new look for Metallbude. Why did you choose this material in particular?
"Metallbude is known for high quality powder coated metal furniture. The team here already has a lot of experience in working with metal. The raw look of our joint collection was essential for me. You can see that in the name of the collection: 'raw types'. I am a big fan of the raw look myself, and stainless steel in particular is a super exciting and high-quality material. We experimented a lot to get the silky matte look and we tried different ways of working with the metal. For example, brushed stainless steel, stainless steel in its raw form and also sandblasted stainless steel - this is the finish we finally decided on. It catches the light in a special way and makes the rough edges of the pieces stand out."

Speaking of “corners and edges”: All products are missing a corner – that is the trademark of the 'raw types'. What does this design element symbolize for you?
"I could tell you what the inspiration behind the angled corner was from the beginning, but to be honest, there is no such thing. I just liked the idea and the look of a missing corner on all the products. It makes the products special and gives them recognition. When I first saw the products in my home, I noticed how incredibly beautiful the light and colors of the surroundings were captured in the corner. So you could say that the missing corner on the products reflects the natural "imperfection". The pieces achieve their final result and tell a story only in the room and in the individual environment."


Is there a personal experience or story that you associate with one of the pieces in the collection?
"The coffee table has a special place in my heart. Some of you may have noticed that I have never had a coffee table in recent years. That was because I never found the perfect one for me. This is different now and it is a very special feeling to have designed the centerpiece of the living room. But I have to say that each piece has grown on me. They all have a special place in my home and will be a part of my everyday life from now on."