Pop culture vs. nature

Furniture from Metallbude has a stylistic self-image, but is kept so simple and minimalistic that it allows for open interpretation and individual design. The actual character of a piece of furniture only becomes apparent when it is spatially integrated and personally decorated by the owner. In our new series “How to style” we let metal makers decorate their favorite products - without any specifications and entirely according to their own taste.


Retro love, color accents & girly vibes

Vanessa's minimal, playful interpretation of RIA

She feels most comfortable in the world of opposites, contrasts, corners and edges - this is also what Vanessa's home furnishings represent. Here old meets new, colorful meets monochrome and simple meets eye-catching. When designing RIA, she also uses the black of the metal in the decoration and complements this with deliberately chosen color accents in red and pink, which are repeated in the individual elements. In addition to classic home accessories such as vases and candles, there are also personal things that can be traced back to interests and hobbies: the love of literature and music.

Natural beauties, homemade & DIY

Bina's puristic, harmonious interpretation of RIA

Bina's personal interpretation of the RIA console table shows that monochrome in interior design is anything but boring or sterile: her decoration is limited to natural color nuances and materials. The selected beige and brown tones harmonize with the existing non-colors black and white and ensure a pleasant visual calm, which is enhanced by the stylistic simplicity of the individual decorative elements. In addition to seasonal plants, your own DIY's - such as the picture in the "Texture Art" style - enrich the puristic overall composition, which creates a tidy existence without appearing barren or impersonal.