Maximalism vs minimalism

Furniture from Metallbude has a stylistic self-image, but is kept so simple and minimalistic that it allows for open interpretation and individual design. The actual character of a piece of furniture only becomes apparent when it is spatially integrated and personally decorated by the owner. In our new series “How to style” we let metal makers decorate their favorite products - without any specifications and entirely according to their own taste. Our RIA console table starts things off.

Flea market find, bibliophilia & Eastern influence

Caro's personal maximalist interpretation of RIA

Whether it's the contents of the wardrobe, the design of the workplace or even the furnishings of the home: for Caro, this is the highest form of expression of her personality, preferences and interests. She doesn't follow trends, style definitions or rules, but lives and loves the colorful mix of souvenirs, things from the heart and flea market finds. At the forefront: books. The particularly beautiful copies – both visually and in terms of content – ​​end up on RIA instead of on its large bookshelf. Also characteristic of Caro's composition is not only the variety of colors and things, but also the Eastern European folklore influence, which shapes the decoration stylistically and makes it all the more personal.

Natural nuances, Japandi & everyday enjoyment

Tobi's modern-minimalist interpretation of RIA

Tobi's RIA composition shows that the minimalist character of the console table can be consciously retained even after adding decorations or other home accessories. When it comes to his furnishings, both privately and professionally, he values ​​straight lines, simplicity and visual calm. According to the principle “clear space, clear mind”. He chooses light, natural tones and a manageable number of decorative things, some of which also have practical everyday uses. The spatial arrangement of these and the coordinated interplay of colors and shapes creates a harmonious overall picture without making the piece of furniture appear barren.