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HANG UP. With CARREE , you have a clothes hanger that, thanks to its high-quality plastic material, does not cause any damage to the wardrobe. Characterized by a stable structure, even heavy winter coats can easily find their place in the wardrobe.

The accessories shown are not included in the scope of delivery. The clothes rail RUBI is available separately in our shop.



Width: 46cm

0.13 kg

Fine structure powder coating

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High quality plastic hangers

The CARREE clothes hanger made of high-quality plastic is a practical and indispensable home accessory for your wardrobe, dressing room or cloakroom area and represents a versatile, advantageous solution for storing clothes. In contrast to conventional wire hangers, these clothes hangers are more robust and gentle on your clothes because they have no sharp edges or corners that can damage the fabrics. The advantage of our CARREE clothes hanger over simple plastic hangers is its reliable stability, so that even heavy jackets and winter coats can be hung up without any problems. In addition, the plastic hangers can be used not only for clothes, but also for accessories such as scarves, belts or bags. The CARREE coat hanger is light and space-saving, but it is also ideal for small cupboards or suitcases.

Schwarze Kleiderbügel aus Kunststoff im 3er Set | Metallbude

The perfect coat hangers for your hallway

Especially in the hallway or entrance area, coat hangers or cloakroom hangers are part of the interior design and everyday life. Our CARREE clothes hanger made of high-quality plastic is practical, minimalist and versatile for storing clothes and accessories at home. The hangers have a deliberately simple design and are very robust overall, making them a perfect choice for a modern wardrobe. The hangers are also ideal for guests who want to hang up their jackets or coats. They save space and can be stored in a drawer or cupboard when not in use. A modern hallway wardrobe should also be minimalist to create a clean and tidy appearance. Our CARREE hangers are an easy way to store clothes and accessories without taking up much space.

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The CARREE clothes hanger made of high-quality, robust plastic can hold up to 5 kilograms of clothing. We recommend not to exceed the stated weight.

For which items of clothing is the light clothes hanger suitable?

The CARREE coat hanger is particularly suitable as an accessory for a classic wardrobe due to its minimalist design, its stable structure and its high-quality look for the hallway or entrance area. This means that jackets and coats in particular - including heavy winter jackets - find a place and a good hold on them. In the closet, the modern clothes hanger is primarily suitable for less delicate items of clothing that can easily adapt to the shape of the hanger.

Why is the CARREE coat hanger perfect for my wardrobe?

Our clothes hanger CARREE combines all the positive properties of an ideal clothes hanger and our product philosophy. The slim but stable construction guarantees a reliable and space-saving hanging of clothes. The minimalist design blends harmoniously into every room and style and enhances every wardrobe visually and practically. The finely structured powder coating of the bracket also ensures that the product is scratch, shock and impact resistant.

With which products can I combine the coat hanger?

The CARREE coat hanger cuts a fine figure on any wardrobe or clothes rail. The combination with our popular RUBI clothes lesson with ceiling mounting has proven particularly successful. Together, the elegant metal furniture and the clothes hangers create a harmonious overall picture and enhance every hallway, entrance or dressing area.

Why are the metal booth hangers made of plastic and not metal?

When choosing the material for our CARREE clothes hanger, we deliberately opted for high-quality plastic over metal in order to benefit from the positive properties of the plastic material when using the clothes hanger. The CARREE clothes hanger is particularly light, handy and, for example, in connection with our RUBI clothes rail, leaves no damage whatsoever through friction.

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