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Black White Cashew

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Black White cashew

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Minimalist, elegant & unique: Discover our black mirrors


Our black mirrors make a clear statement in terms of style and design. The timeless elegance of black gives every room a modern aesthetic and creates a harmonious balance between functionality and visual appeal. Whether as a wall mirror in the living room, hallway or bedroom - black mirrors fit seamlessly into a wide range of furnishing styles and give the room a sophisticated touch. Their simple color scheme emphasizes the clear lines and striking design, while high-quality materials ensure long-lasting quality.


Designer mirror in black

Designer mirrors in black are not only functional reflective surfaces, but also striking works of art that enrich rooms with contemporary flair. The deep, elegant color gives the mirrors a simple yet powerful presence that integrates seamlessly into modern interiors. The clear lines and organic shapes emphasize the elegant design, while the high-quality metal material and precise workmanship ensure a luxurious appearance. Whether as an eye-catching statement in the entrance area, as a stylish element in the bedroom or as an avant-garde detail in the living room - black designer mirrors set a bold accent and at the same time create visual depth.


Modern black mirrors in different sizes

Discover the variety of modern black mirrors in different sizes that bring a contemporary aesthetic to your rooms. The deep black color gives the mirrors a minimalist yet powerful appearance. From compact versions for the hallway to large-scale versions in the living room – the different sizes enable individual adaptation to the needs of your room design. The modern mirrors not only impress with their clear lines and elegant design, but also with their high-quality workmanship and materials. Whether you're looking for a small accent or an impressive eye-catcher, modern black mirrors offer a stylish solution for contemporary interior design.

The art of mirrors: Give your room a timeless touch with black

The art of mirrors reaches a new dimension with black versions that give your room a timeless touch. The deep black color creates an elegant contrast and gives the mirrors a powerful appearance. Through clear lines and sophisticated shapes, black mirrors make a striking design statement that combines contemporary aesthetics with timeless elegance. Whether as a minimalist element in the hallway, as a stylish accessory in the bedroom or as an eye-catcher in the living room - black mirrors embody the symbiosis of art and function. Their presence in the room not only creates visual depth, but also an atmosphere of modernity and style that lasts over time.


Elegance in black: Give your room a great atmosphere with stylish mirrors

Our oval oneWall mirror CAYAimpresses with its timeless, modern and minimalist design, which fits effortlessly into any interior. With its simple shape and clear lines, the mirror integrates perfectly into modern living spaces, gives them an elegant touch and becomes a versatile home accessory. Made of high-quality metal, the mirror presents a contrasting mirror surface for clear and precise reflections. The subtle framing emphasizes the character of the metal furniture. Thanks to its oval shape and minimalist design, the CAYA mirror can be flexibly integrated in the hallway as a central element or as part of a gallery wall, as well as in the bedroom or bathroom as an aesthetic accessory.


Black mirror with clever shelf

The high qualityWall mirror CALEOis an extremely versatile home accessory with a timelessly modern and minimalist design that can be seamlessly integrated into any interior design. Its deliberately simple shape and clear lines make it a perfect addition to modern living spaces, to which it gives a special and elegant touch. The mirror with a practical shelf is made of high-quality metal and impresses with its offset mirror surface, which ensures a clear and precise reflection. This subtle frame, in conjunction with the discreet shelf, emphasizes the actual design character of the metal furniture. Thanks to the design language and minimalist design, the mirror can be integrated into the interior in a variety of ways.