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Practical and elegant - like metal bedside tables for your bedroom

Small but nice - metal bedside tables are extremely versatile and useful pieces of furniture in the bedroom. In addition to a storage area for various items, they can also be used as stylish furnishings. After beds and wardrobes, they are part of the standard bedroom furniture and not only impress with their appearance. At Metallbude you can find out what other advantages they have, what types of bedside tables there are, how to combine them correctly and which bedside table goes with which style.

That's why you should choose a metal bedside table

In general, bedside tables are used to store books, cell phones, a glass of water or lamps. However, they can also serve as a shelf for decoration. Flower vases, picture frames or sculptures can also be wonderfully placed on a metal bedside table. Nightstands equipped with drawers offer additional space and hide non-decorative items, such as cords or reading glasses, from view. Bedside tables score above all with their versatility. They are available in different shapes, materials and sizes. Bedside tables are also convincing because they can be used to save space. They take up little space and serve many purposes.

What types of metal bedside tables are there?

Whether with or without drawers, whether with or without cupboard doors or simply and without storage space. There are different types of bedside tables. Bigger bedrooms need bigger bedside tables. In addition to a box spring bed, large models with drawers or cupboard doors are practical because they offer a lot of storage space and their closed appearance makes them look elegant and simple. In addition, things that are kept in their drawers collect less dust. There are also bedside tables that are attached to the side of the bed. These offer – usually with built-in drawers – space for smaller items such as handkerchiefs or glasses as well as a smaller storage area, for example for a lamp. Minimalist and stylish look - especially in modern living rooms - bedside tables made of metal and without drawers. If you want to go with the trend, you can opt for bright colors here. Classic, universally popular and modern are models in white, gray or black. Side tables made of black metal look minimalist and can also be used as night consoles. The color white conveys an airy atmosphere and in combination with wood they are a real eye-catcher.

Metal bedside tables – you should pay attention to this

A bedside table should not be too wide - about 30 cm is ideal - and the color should also match. It should ideally be flush with the mattress in terms of height. Deliberately set larger differences in height ensure that the bedside table is a visual design highlight. It can be placed much higher or much lower next to the bed. No matter how high, they look best when they are stylishly decorated. Personal items such as picture frames or your favorite book can be used. Vases with fresh flowers, sculptures, lamps or candles are also welcome decorative items. The use of table sets, such as the TRE SEMNIA table set from Metallbude, is a way of creating more storage space next to the bed and, if necessary, pushing them into each other to save space. The smaller tables complement the larger ones.

Different furnishing styles - different bedside tables

They are very personal pieces of furniture and reveal a lot about the owner. In addition, you can also underline your furnishing style with the right bedside table. Here some examples:

  • Industrial style: A black bedside table with a solid wood top, such as the model side table SOLI in black from Metallbude, goes well with this style. With the dark metal frame and real wood panel, it represents the perfect loft look and the interplay of warm and cold materials.
  • Scandi style: In the Scandi style, light colors and natural tones can be found in particular. The side table SOLI in white from Metallbude can be wonderfully integrated into this style. It takes up both components harmoniously and does not disturb the atmosphere characterized by soft textiles.
  • Japandi style: The SOLI X side table in white from Metallbude is perfectly suited to the Japandi style . It has a clean look and appears calm and simple.

Buy your metal bedside tables at Metallbude

Deciding on the right bedside table is not that easy. We will show you the way through the jungle of possibilities and explain what to look out for. No matter what size, style or material, the decision is up to you and your personal design requirements. If you buy products from Metallbude, you also get the following advantages:

  • Modern and minimalist furniture that fits harmoniously into different interior styles,
  • free shipping within Germany from an order value of 150 €,
  • most Metallbude products are Made in Germany and handmade,
  • Depending on the product, you can specify individual dimensions or colors. (Feel free to contact us).

Buy your metal bedside table now at Metallbude!