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Outdoor Design - Fire & Barbecue

Puristic design - Metallbude and Höfats

Metalbude and Höfats are connected above all by the puristic design and the authentic vein. Family and friends are an important part of our lives. Metallbude wishes you quality time and unforgettable moments with your loved ones too. What better way to do that than to sit together around a fire and celebrate life?

Outdoor Bowl - Smarter grilling

Bowl is a fire bowl that can also be used as a grill. The unique design consists of a hemisphere with optional wire base or foldable tripod frame. With the Wire base Bowl serves as a fire bowl. With Three-legged frame Bowl is suitable as a flexible grill - With the addition of other gadgets, the suspended hemisphere can even be used for cooking! Vegetable skewers and meat are cooked on Grill grate and Cast iron plate prepared after the kids have roasted marshmallows on a stick over an open fire. Doesn't this sound like a casual party that even the littlest ones can enjoy? Why not give it a try!

Spin - Table fire outdoor & indoor

Table fire, lantern or garden torch? Spin proves to be a 3 in 1 package. Blazing flames provide cozy warmth and harmonious moments. With Spin, the fascinating play of flames can even be enjoyed from the couch in the living room. The glass cylinder is not only decorative, but radiates cozy warmth. So coziness on a free evening is pre-programmed. For unique campfire moments in your home, you don't need a fireplace. Spin is a low-maintenance, odorless and smokeless way to make fire. The bioethanol from Höfats makes it possible. Has the spark been ignited? Then use it now. SPIN back.

Outdoor Cube - Multifunctional and sustainable grilling

  1. You attach great importance to high-quality design in your garden or on your terrace?

  2. You can't decide whether you prefer to buy a fire basket or a grill?

  3. You have a small front garden or balcony and want to use the space wisely?

With Cube you have found a stool or side table that can be used as a grill or fire bowl in no time. Simply ingenious! And the best thing about the rustic design is that this outdoor furniture is suitable to end the fire quickly and easily by simply turning the basket upside down. Safe and clean, this is a great way to end the enchanting atmosphere. But one thing always remains.

The memory of these precious moments. That is what gives our lives a very special meaning. We burn for these moments! You too? Then don't let us take away your passion and fire and create your own memories with our outdoor designs!