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Towel ladder in black - the all-round talent for every room

A black towel ladder refines every room and is also an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. It is an alternative to a towel holder when used in a classic way. But it can do much more and enriches almost every room in the apartment to match different styles. At Metallbude you will find out everything about towel ladders - why a black towel ladder is just the right thing for you, how you can integrate it into your facility and the wide range of possible uses it offers you.

Why a black towel ladder?

If the bathroom is large enough and there is a free wall, the towel ladder is a great alternative to classic towel rails. It has at least four or more crossbars and thus offers enough space for towels. Here the towels can be hung up generously and are not only perfectly presented, but can also dry well after use. Black towel ladders not only ensure order, but are stylish eye-catchers.

Another advantage that a towel ladder offers compared to a conventional towel rail is that it does not have to be drilled into the wall or fixed to the wall. This way you avoid unsightly holes in the wall and save yourself the installation work. This makes it extremely flexible when it comes to its place in the house - whether it's a bathroom, bedroom or hallway, a black towel ladder can be integrated into any room. By leaning against the wall, it saves a lot of space, so it is also ideal for smaller rooms. Towel ladders made of metal are particularly easy to care for, regular dusting or wiping with a wet cloth is sufficient. Towel ladders made of wood emphasize natural furnishings and blend in well with them.

Which towel ladder suits your facility

Which towel ladder you should buy also depends on your furnishing style. Towel ladders usually have a rather simple design, so they can be used individually and fit particularly well in minimalist apartments. Here are three examples of styles in which a black towel ladder can be perfectly integrated.

  • Japandi style: This is the epitome of minimalist living . Our ESTINA towel ladder in white goes perfectly with the combination of Scandinavian and Japanese influences. She radiates lightness and simplicity. In combination with beige leather coat hooks, it is a great and practical home accessory.
  • Industrial style: The industrial style is characterized by its factory charm. A dark towel ladder should be used here. The black model ESTINA is the right choice here and best embodies the industrial style with the black metal. In combination with brown leather or dark blankets, which are carefully hung over the ladder, the style is underlined.
  • Modern style: A black and white interior, for example, is modern and gives you freedom in design. Here you can choose between a white or black towel ladder. Set accents and combine the ladder with coat hooks in the opposite color - for example, a white towel ladder with black coat hooks.

So a black towel ladder can still be used

In addition to the main task of providing space for as many towels as possible, a black towel ladder also has other tasks and can be used multifunctionally:

  • In the bedroom, a towel ladder serves as a so-called valet on which clothes that are to be worn again can be carefully placed. A bedspread can also find its place on the towel ladder during the night.
  • If the ladder is in the hallway, suitable S-hooks can be attached to the rungs, for example to place bags, scarves or keys on the ladder.
  • It can also be used to hang blankets in the living room. In addition to being used as a clothes rack, a towel ladder can also be used as a wall decoration to which further decoration can be attached. A few ideas would be fairy lights, picture garlands, hanging flower pots and other metal decorations that can be hung.
  • In addition, a black towel ladder is ideal at Christmas time as a frame or stand for a homemade advent calendar.

Buy your towel ladder in black at Metallbude

Whether as a classic towel ladder, decorative element or clothes rack - a black towel ladder from Metallbude fits into almost any style and is more moisture-resistant than wooden models thanks to its powder coating. Well positioned, next to the wardrobe in the hallway, on a free wall as decoration or to save space in a small bathroom, the towel ladders from Metallbude score with their versatility. Get even more benefits when you order from Metallbude:

  • Free shipping within Germany from an order value of 150 €.
  • Most Metallbude products are Made in Germany and are handmade.
  • Depending on the product, you can specify individual dimensions or colors. (Feel free to contact us)
  • The furniture from Metallbude has a modern and minimalist design, so they can be harmoniously integrated into different furnishing styles.
Buy your black towel ladder from Metallbude now!