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No more chaos in the shower with a black shower shelf from Metallbude

You know it – a shampoo bottle in the shower falls over and takes at least one more with it. Black shower shelves put an end to the shampoo bowling in the corner of the shower every morning. The shower should be a place to relax, a place of care and hygiene. That's why we're now going to tell you why you should use a shower shelf, which designs you can choose from and which materials are best for you to use.

That's why shower shelves in black are a must-have in the bathroom

Black shower shelves are the heroes of order in the shower. They keep all utensils such as shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, shaving foam and other items such as razors and sponges in their place. This way you can keep track of things and have them ready to hand. The central storage location also makes cleaning the shower easier.

Black shower shelves in different designs

Depending on your needs and how many items you need to fit in your shower shelf, there are different types of shower shelves that may be suitable. You can choose between shower shelves with one or more shelves, between corner shelves and normal shower shelves or shower shelves with swiveling and height-adjustable mirrors. Here are a few possible implementations:

  • Shower shelves for drilling: Shower shelves that are screwed to the wall are time-consuming but stable. Many shampoo bottles and other utensils can be accommodated here. Glass shelves or metal shelves look particularly elegant.
  • Glue-On Shower Shelves: Gluing a shower shelf to the wall is a less invasive process and protects your tiles. There are special adhesives designed for showers and damp rooms. A set of adhesive strips is even supplied with the SHEA shower shelf from Metallbude .
  • Self-Adhesive Shelves: Shower shelves with suction cups can be attached to tiles or the shower stall. The main thing is that the place of attachment does not let air through. Attention: Do not place too much on the shelf, because unfortunately this mounting option is not the most stable alternative.
  • Telescopic shelves: Telescopic shelves that can be pulled out offer generous storage options for an entire extended family. To do this, you pull the bar so far apart that you stretch it between the shower walls or even between the ceiling and the floor. You can then attach as many shelves to it as you want. Some shelves have additional, small hooks on which washcloths, sponges or the shower squeegee can be hung.
  • Hanging shelves: They are attached to the shower cubicle with one to three hooks. This is super fast and offers high stability. Hanging shelves can be removed for cleaning and offer different numbers of storage compartments. When buying, make sure that the width of the hooks matches that of your shower stall.

These materials are ideal for a black shower shelf

The material is important when choosing your black shower shelf. This should be high quality and water resistant. We therefore advise against wood, because it swells after contact with moisture and can become mouldy. The highest quality and best choice for a modern bathroom is a black shower shelf made of high-quality metal, such as stainless steel. This is durable and rust-free. Incidentally, black metal shower shelves can also be perfectly combined with other bathroom utensils, such as a black toilet paper holder or white towel holders . In addition to metal furniture, black plastic shower shelves can also be considered. They are usually a bit lighter and cheaper than the high-quality and minimalist metal shelves. In addition, they are very robust and leave no scratches.

Buy your black shower shelf from Metallbude

A black shower shelf is always classic and fits into many interior styles. You have to decide whether you need a lot of storage space or less, which material is best for you and how you want to attach your shower shelf. If you shop at Metallbude, you also benefit from many advantages:

  • You get free shipping within Germany from a minimum order value of 150 €.
  • Our furniture is designed in a minimalist and modern design.
  • Products made in Germany and handmade products are the norm for us.
  • Custom-made products are possible depending on the product (please contact us).

Buy your black shower shelf from Metallbude now!