Opposites attract: Wood and metal coffee tables

The coffee table is the heart of the living room and forms the center next to the living landscape. Therefore, it is all the more important to rely on a table that can withstand daily use and at the same time provide a stylish eye-catcher, such as the coffee table made of wood and metal. These materials combined prove to be a perfect duo and create a robust and timeless look. If you are aiming for an industrial style living room, a combination of both materials is also the right choice.

Choosing the right wood and metal coffee table for your living space

Not all coffee tables are the same - they come in a variety of shapes and colors. Metallbude specializes in making matching tables from wood and metal, which are available in different variations.

At and you will find:

  • Round coffee tables
  • Square coffee tables
  • Smaller side tables
  • Set tables consisting of several tables of different sizes

Wood and metal side table

"Square, practical, good" presents our Wood and metal side table, and is ideal, for example, as additions next to a living room landscape. Here finds a decorative table lamp place and drinks & Co. can be put down quite practical. The combination of solid oak and tubular steel ensures that the side table is extremely easy to clean and brings a touch of industrial style in the living room.

Round metal and wood coffee tables

If you follow a rather soft and flowing interior style with organic shapes, you will do everything right with a round coffee table. Due to the round shape and the table top made of wood, it radiates a certain warmth. The generous storage area offers enough space for glasses, magazines and other accessories. And all those who prefer it more simple, will find in our assortment Black metal coffee tablewithout wooden top in both round and angular shape.

Square metal and wood coffee tables

Straight lines are right up your alley and you're looking for a table that will look great on your carpet with its angular shape? Thanks to its sleek construction and minimalist design, our oak and metal coffee table and set tables are just right for making a statement.

What are the benefits of a wood and metal coffee table?

The combination of wood and metal in coffee table offers several advantages at once. Which form you choose is, of course, up to you.

Easy care

Metal is considered to be an extremely low-maintenance material, as it does not require extensive after-treatment and the surfaces are easy to clean with conventional means. The rustic and solid oak convinces with its long durability, even with daily use, and is therefore the ideal complement to the metal frame.

Warmth through wood

A coffee table made of metal looks timeless, modern and minimalist and fits into an existing interior without any problems. However, the table top made of wood conveys even more warmth and harmonizes best with light-colored furniture such as a light gray or beige couch.

For any style of living

Individual wood or metal elements can be found in almost every style of living. Those who want to have a touch of industrial style in the living room, opt for black metal, friends of country house or Skandi rather choose white lacquered metal.

A wood and metal coffee table from Metallbude as a centerpiece in the living room

To get the most durable and robust coffee table possible, Metallbude relies on a combination of oak and metal. Thanks to the minimalist and timeless design, couch as well as side tables are perfect for any living space and room size. You prefer a white table or need a custom made one? Upon request, many of our items are also available in other sizes. In addition, we deliver from 50 euros free shipping within Germany to your doorstep.