Summer 2024 brings fresh designs and innovative interior ideas that will transform your living spaces into vibrant oases. Current trends focus on lightness, brightness and natural materials to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Colors such as pastel blues, soft greens and sunny yellows dominate the palette, bringing a summery freshness to every room. Rattan, bamboo and wood furniture add a natural, organic aesthetic. There are also creative do-it-yourself projects and smart interior design solutions that are both functional and stylish.



Colors of Summer: Cheerful Accents for your Home

Summery colors bring cheerful accents to your home and create a vibrant, inviting atmosphere. Bright, vibrant tones like sunny yellow, coral red and turquoise evoke warm, sunny days and bright blue skies. These colors can be used in pillows, curtains, rugs or artwork to freshen up rooms and add energy. Pastels like mint green, lavender and pink offer a softer, soothing option that still has a summery freshness. Combine these colors with natural materials like wood and rattan to create a harmonious, refreshing environment. You will see how cheerful color tones can brighten up your home and spread a summery lightness.



Furniture that captures the Summer

Furniture that captures summer brings lightness and freshness to your home. Think natural materials like rattan, bamboo and light wood that evoke sunny days and airy beach houses. Bright, open designs make rooms feel larger and more inviting. Outdoor furniture, such as comfortable lounge chairs or hammocks, can also create a relaxed, summertime atmosphere indoors. Upholstered pieces in bright, fresh colors like white, turquoise or pastel yellow add to the summer vibe. Add colorful throw pillows and throws for a splash of color. With these pieces, you can create a home that captures summer and offers a welcoming, refreshing oasis for relaxation and enjoyment.




Our Summer Furniture of the Year made of cool Metal

Our metal furniture brings a modern, refreshing aesthetic to your interior-even in the summer. Minimalist, open designs such as sleek wall shelves, elegant mirrors and stylish side tables give rooms an airy lightness. Metal furniture reflects light and creates a bright, open atmosphere that is perfect for summer. These pieces are not only functional, but also decorative, blending seamlessly into different interior styles. Whether used as a subtle accent or a focal point, metal furniture offers timeless elegance and fresh charm. Paired with light textiles and natural materials, they transform your home into a stylish summer oasis that brings cool elegance and warmth in equal measure.


Summery Flair: Furniture that reflects the warm Season

Furniture made from natural materials such as rattan, bamboo and light wood bring an airy, relaxed feel to your home. Light, open designs such as woven armchairs, transparent shelving and delicate end tables make rooms feel larger and brighter. Color-coordinated upholstery in fresh hues like turquoise, sunny yellow and coral red add vibrant accents. Outdoor-inspired pieces, such as hanging chairs or lounge chairs, can also bring a summer feel indoors. Add colorful pillows and soft blankets for added comfort. With these pieces, you can create a welcoming, cheerful environment that brings the charm and lightness of summer into your home.