Subtle but Festive

If you think Christmas decorations are too cheesy and traditional, follow these tips to bring the season into your living room without invading it!

Natural materials and soft, muted colors create a harmonious, cozy atmosphere. Purist design immortalized in metal: Side tables provide a dark contrast that blends in with the refined ambiance.

Celebrating Christmas sustainably

This is the way to enjoy Christmas! With handmade candles from a local shop, a few fresh branches and a planted fir tree. The tree can be planted in the garden after Christmas and will remind you of unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Beistelltisch Schwarz Soli X aus dem Sortiment von Metallbude

Couchtisch Schwarz Tre Semnia X aus dem Sortiment von Metallbude

Minimalist Decoration for Advent

Less is More - Thoughtful craftsmanship, simple colors and shapes create elegance. The lighting and soft fabrics complete the minimalist look. Peace and order return to the hectic days when we are looking for special gifts.

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Written by Laura Joy Albrecht

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