To give away or leave as a gift

Every year at this time the same question pops up between supermarket shelves filled with gingerbread and shop windows overloaded with kitsch: What am I giving away for Christmas? While some start meticulous planning in the summer, others hopefully do not storm into business until December 23rd. And we? We remain relaxed because we know the answer: metal booth.

Our gift tips for Christmas:


What was once the well-stocked book shelf is now the well-stocked wine shelf. And whether it's an expression of exquisite taste or stylish alcoholism: our VINIA wine rack was created by wine lovers of the - of course - first category to create a gourmet moment even in the smallest of spaces.


A candle holder that calls for neither grandma's post-war decorations nor church mass? Our NOA candlestick convinces with its minimalist design and practical magnetism. Whether alone or in a set with the matching candle plate, individually or in combination with several candles: the NOA candle holder can be used and designed in many ways. Even grandmothers and pastors get jealous...


Even mum always preached that there should be a coaster under the glass? she was right. But instead of the old things made of cardboard or felt, our KIVA coasters with a geometric look at least ensure a stylish look on your table. The best thing to do is to order a set for mom with...


There are exactly three golden rules when giving gifts: 1. Homemade items are only well received if they are really well made. 2. Things that are printed with funny sayings are rarely really funny. 3. With a gift voucher from Metallbude you can't go wrong. The best thing about it: You will receive the voucher immediately after ordering by e-mail to print out or send - the perfect last-minute gift!
November 18, 2022