Cool colors can transform your home into a refreshing oasis. During the hot summer months, soft blues, soothing mint greens and delicate lavenders create a pleasant, airy atmosphere. These colors reflect light and make rooms feel larger and more open. They can be used in small accents like throw pillows and curtains, as well as larger elements like walls and furniture to create a relaxing environment. Cool color palettes are not only visually refreshing, but also have a calming effect on our well-being. Find out how you can brighten up your home and bring a summery lightness to your space with simple but effective color changes.


Colors of Summer: How blue, green and turquoise refresh your Rooms

The colors of summer - blue, green and turquoise - bring fresh, vibrant accents to your space. Blue is reminiscent of clear skies and the sea, and conveys peace and serenity. Green symbolizes nature and freshness and creates a harmonious, grounding atmosphere. Turquoise, a blend of blue and green, combines the best qualities of both colors to create a vibrant, energetic atmosphere. These colors reflect light, making rooms appear brighter and larger. Blue, green and turquoise bring a refreshing summer lightness to your home, whether in wall colors, textiles or decorative elements.




Green like Nature: The calming Effect of green Tones in your Interior

Green, like nature, brings a calming, grounding effect to your home. Shades of green are reminiscent of lush forests and meadows, creating a connection to nature. These colors promote relaxation and balance by creating a calm, harmonious atmosphere. From pale pastel greens to deep forest greens, each shade has its own calming effect. Use green in wall colors, furniture or decorative accessories to transform your home into a relaxing oasis. Houseplants complement the green tones perfectly and also bring fresh air and life into your rooms, further enhancing your well-being.



The Magic of Blue: How the Color of the Sky renews your Interior

Blue, the color of the sky and oceans, brings a refreshing and soothing energy to any space. It creates an atmosphere of calm and serenity, ideal for bedrooms and living areas. Dark shades of blue add depth and elegance, while light shades convey freshness and spaciousness. Blue works well with neutrals such as white or gray and can be used as an accent color in pillows, rugs or wall art. By incorporating blue, interiors can look modern and inviting, inspired by the endless expanse of the sky that transforms the home into an oasis of relaxation.




Mint green and lemon yellow: Fresh Color Combinations for Summer

Blue also transforms your home into a refreshing oasis of calm. The color of the sky and the sea, blue conveys a sense of serenity and clarity that soothes the mind. From soft pastel blues to bold royal blues, these hues make rooms feel larger and airier. Blue accents in walls, furniture or decorative elements can create a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. Blue works well with neutral tones and natural materials to create a balanced and inviting living environment. As a versatile color, blue can refresh your space and create a fresh, inspiring mood.



A Touch of Lavender: How purple Accents can liven up your Interior

A touch of lavender brings fresh, invigorating accents to your home. Violet hues like lavender combine the calm of blue with the energy of red to create a harmonious, inspiring atmosphere. This color gives rooms an elegant yet soothing touch. Lavender accents, whether in pillows, curtains or decorative objects, can give a room a soft, floral freshness. Lavender is especially appealing when paired with neutral tones or natural materials. Discover for yourself how purple accents can enhance your interior and create a soothing yet dynamic mood.