Note: This gift guide may contain traces of cheap clichés and heteronormative thinking and is for entertainment purposes only (okay, and to recommend buying it).


Gifts from HIM for HER

A small Gesture with a big Meaning

Your girlfriend/wife is always harping on the little things and you finally want to convince her that you should also be thankful for the small things in life and that ultimately size doesn't matter? With our coat hook PALO you not only give her a practical home accessory that can be used in many ways, but also exactly this message. It's never been so easy, has it?

Let there be Light (...or even Wildfire)

The everyday grind, rigid routines, and boring habits are taking over your relationship? Rekindle the fire of passion. How exactly are you supposed to do that? You should know that yourself - after all, we are not couple therapists, but only semi-funny creative minds. Rather, the whole thing is meant purely metaphorically to create a clever bridge to our candlestick NOA and hitting the matching candles.


Gifts from HER for HIM

I just wanna make you wet

Would you like to give your boyfriend/husband a wet and hot moment every day? Giving him his best five to ten minutes at the end of a long day or even before it's even started? With our shower tray SHEA, you give him an upgrade for his shower sessions. Best of all, his 4-in-1 body, face, hair, and car stuff has probably never been displayed so well.

The Devil has Ovaries

Let's be honest: As a woman, you like to give gifts that are also good for you. A visit to the thermal baths? I'm in! A voucher from his favorite fashion brand? I can finally dress him up again! A valuable kitchen knife? If the mother-in-law is annoying... Our pro tip: Give him our serving tray DAVA. This eliminates any excuses why he can't bring you breakfast in bed.


Ultimate Gift Tip for BOTH:

Think about nine months from now and buy the baby cradle KORSINA as a precaution. You're welcome!