The Coffee Table as the Central Point

In the dining room or dining area, it is the dining table. In the living room, it is the coffee table. Life in the living room revolves around it. The coffee table is usually placed in front of the sofa. The television is on the opposite side. Of course, the coffee table can also be placed to the side of the sofa or in the center of a seating area.
And: It doesn't have to be a coffee table. Nesting tables are also popular - one, two or three side tables in the same style but different sizes. These modern coffee tables offer flexible storage space, as they can often be slid under or into one another.


There are these Types of Coffee Tables

  • Round Coffee Tables: Round coffee tables are popular. They have a round table top. They go well with Zen-style rooms or can optically round off rooms with many angular elements.

  • Rectangular Coffee Tables: Most coffee tables are rectangular. Depending on the material and design , rectangular coffee tables can find their way into living rooms with different furnishing styles.

  • Wooden Coffee Tables: A wooden coffee table can provide a nice contrast to metal or white furniture. Choose a light wood color if the sofa is dark, and a dark wood color if the sofa or the rest of the room is light. A combination of wood top and metal legs is also possible. At Metallbude we have several versions of this type of coffee table.
  • Metal Coffee Tables: Metal coffee tables are modern. A black metal coffee table looks stylish without drawing too much attention to itself. Such a dark coffee table suits a monochromatic or industrial interior style.
  • Glass Coffee Tables: Glass elements in coffee tables have been trendy for a long time - only the design of the glass table has changed over time. Coffee tables with glass tops and wooden or metal legs have become popular. One disadvantage of the glass table: Spills and fingerprints quickly become visible.

  • Nesting Tables: Nesting tables are often found in living rooms. These coffee table sets consist of two or three separate coffee tables. They are kept in the same design and differ only slightly, if at all, in color. The most noticeable difference between these tables is the size. Nesting tables usually consist of end tables of different sizes.


Coffee tables can also have storage under the tabletop or drawers. Stash the remote control and your favorite book. But which coffee table is right for you and your living room? We'll tell you.

Five Tips for buying the right Coffee Table

Looking for the perfect coffee table? These are the five best tips for buying the right coffee table for you:
  1. The right Size: In general, the size of the coffee table is based on the size of the sofa. A small side table would not be the right choice for a large sofa. For a spacious living area, the coffee table should be much larger than for the small 2-seater sofa.
  2. The perfect Table Height: Table height also depends on the sofa. Coffee tables are usually low and between 45 and 50 centimeters high. The tabletop is approximately the same height as the seat of the surrounding upholstered furniture.
  3. The right Place: Anywhere that looks good is fine. Coffee tables are usually placed in the center of the sofa. Drinks, snacks and the remote control can be placed there and still be within reach. To sit comfortably, the coffee table should be at least 20 inches (50 centimeters) from the sofa. Of course, a coffee table can also be placed at an angle to the sofa.
  4. The right Materials and Colors: Wood, metal and glass are the most popular materials for coffee tables. You can also find coffee tables made of stone or rattan. The right material for your living room will depend on your decor. A metal coffee table might look great in a monochromatic living room - or in an industrial-style living room. A coffee table made entirely of wood could go well with a Scandinavian-inspired interior or a Japanese-inspired interior trend. A rattan coffee table, on the other hand, looks great in a cozy boho living room. Look for nice contrasts - for example, a white coffee table in front of a dark sofa - and a good color match. If the room is decorated in pastels, a black end table might create too much contrast. On the other hand, dark coffee tables are perfect for monochromatic or modern living rooms in neutral colors.
  5. The perfect Design: curved shapes or clean lines? A soft beige coffee table or a bold color coffee table set? The choice is yours. Because contrasts create interesting accents. For example, the oval coffee table with metal legs and a wooden top is perfect for a pastel living room. Or the traditional, old wooden table can really come into its own in a living room with metal furniture. Of course, the coffee table also looks good if the style in the living room is uniform.



As you can see, there are many choices and many matching coffee tables. So you can always find a coffee table (or several coffee tables) that suits your taste and fits in perfectly with your existing interior style. Be inspired by the Metallbude range and discover our modern coffee tables for your living room.