What is Maximalism?

Maximalism is the interior design style for extroverts: colors, shapes and always more of them. Completely different from minimalism, a maximalist style can be colorful, flashy and pompous. "More is more" is the motto of maximalism.

A maximalist interior can be colorful and full - but that is precisely why it is full of life and individuality. The empty spaces of minimalist interiors are "loaded" with beautiful decorative objects and art in maximalism.

Maximalism is a declaration of love for art, beauty and creativity. With this style of decorating, you don't have to desperately try to reduce and minimize - instead, you can display everything that's important to you - on shelves and on the wall.




Maximalism and Eclecticism - what's the Difference?

Maximalism has a lot in common with the eclectic interior design trend. Both styles reject a stripped-down lifestyle and focus on more aesthetics in living spaces. However, eclecticism relies primarily on opposites. Contrasting furnishing styles and patterns are combined and connected within a room.

Maximalism is not necessarily about combining different interior styles, but rather about combining things you love - and not too few of them. The maximalist interior style is also bold and colorful.

However, it is not easy to harmonize different colors, patterns and materials. In the next section, we'll show you how to create a maximalist look in your home.


The Maximalism look in your Home – this is how you implement this Furnishing Trend

A maximalist room looks like an ordered, aesthetic chaos. It's a lot and loaded - but every item has its place.


How to implement Maximalism in your Home:



  • Decoration and Art: Maximalist rooms are full, but they don't feel cluttered. Done right, a maximalist room displays only objects that mean something to you. The odds and ends should disappear behind furniture doors and in drawers. Your 1,000 favorite books, grandma's porcelain figurines, and vintage family photos from the early 20th century - show them to the world, or at least to your visitors.
  • Walls can be full: A gallery wall, decorative climbing plants and your favorite books on wall shelves, all of this can be there so that you can enjoy them every day.
  • There must be Order: To prevent the room from looking chaotic, order is very important in maximalist rooms. Every object has its own place.
  • Play with Colors and Materials: A velvet-covered sofa in trendy Digital Lavender, colorful throw pillows, a colorful gallery wall and a dark accent wall-playing with color makes maximalist rooms interesting. Colors don't have to be tone-in-tone. Just make sure they work together. Complementary colors will work for you. You can also incorporate different materials and textures, such as a decorative fur, a knitted bedspread and a fringed tapestry.
  • Setting Accents: An unusual chandelier, black metal furniture in a bright environment or a decorated ceiling - the conscious break in style and the use of unusual elements give rooms with a maximalist look that certain something. You can let off steam creatively and show your special interests.
  • It's a constant Process: What you like today may no longer bring you joy next year. Maximalism makes decorating your room a constantly changing process. Time and life don’t stand still – and neither does your interior.


Maximalism and minimalist metal Furniture – how does it fit together?

There is no such thing as "the" maximalist piece of furniture. It's not about the style or functions of a piece of furniture, but how you use it. If you leave the surface of a metal console free, it looks minimalist. On the other hand, if you display your favorite objects on it, it quickly becomes maximalist.

Open furniture works best in rooms with a maximalist look. They show what's inside. For example, you can decorate the metal wall shelf with a gold mirror, colorful pictures, postcards, small souvenirs from your vacation, houseplants, and your favorite books, pens, and notebooks.

On the other hand, you can hang houseplants or macramé on metal coat hooks. Whether your rooms end up looking modern or boho is entirely up to you and your taste. And: You can change it anytime you want without having to clean.

Maximalism is a good alternative for those who never really warmed to minimalism. At Metallbude you will find open metal furniture with which you can realize any style of furnishing - including your room in a maximalist look.