A piece of Furniture as unique as your Interior

Our wall shelf RIVO is as individual as your furnishings and you. Start your own RIVOlution and let your design run free. What can that look like?


You're sitting under a wool blanket, celebrating Swedish fika by the light of scented candles, and you're already scrolling through your Instagram feed, thinking about which new home decor items to add to your home next. New linen-look throw pillows for the couch? A rattan planter for the monstera? You love Nordic cosiness, which, with the right touch, can be cozy and warm without being cold. Rely on selected, natural highlights in your RIVO.



"Less is More" is your motto when it comes to furnishing: you love the reduced, the manageable and the understated. Clear lines, subtle colors and geometric shapes define your space. You enjoy this visual calm and order without having to sacrifice comfort. Your RIVO reflects you and your furnishings perfectly and is an eye-catcher on the wall without being too obtrusive or overpowering.



If you live with your head in another decade, you have a penchant for special home furnishings that tell a story. Whether it's a spontaneous flea market find or a designer piece you've been saving, your record collection and wardrobe, as well as your home furnishings, have their own unique character and ooze individuality and rarity - from the fiber of the carpet to the velvet sofa. A special eye-catcher in the middle: Your RIVO, whose timeless look will blend into your interior like a chameleon.



Besides numerous plants and a few personal souvenirs, books are your favorite form of expression when it comes to decorating. While most of them are stacked next to the bed and on the Billy shelf, you have a very personal place for your favorites downstairs: in your RIVO. At the same time, you love to redesign and decorate the window frame-look shelf, giving it a completely different character on a regular basis. Too much or too playful? There is no such thing.