DIY Egg Packaging Upcycling

This decoration idea is perfect for Easter

You don't have to keep buying new things for seasonal decorations. Get creative for a sustainable alternative. Egg cartons and egg shells, usually available in abundance, can be turned into beautiful Easter decorations. With a few simple steps and a little additional material, they can be transformed into spring-like candleholders for Easter. Upcycling such everyday items not only saves money, but also helps the environment. The personal touch of homemade decorations also creates an individual atmosphere. It is a simple and beautiful way to increase the joy of the celebration while protecting nature.


Easter decorations made from egg packaging

Have you ever thought about making candles out of egg shells as the perfect base for your Easter decorations? Nestled in an egg carton and decorated with decorative natural materials, you can easily create an Easter eye-catcher for your table, console or windowsill.

You need:
Egg Carton
Washed out Eggshell Halves


That's how it works:
Step 1:
 Carefully wash the eggshell halves.
Step 2:
Glue a wick into each half of the bowl and hold it in place in the center with the wick holder.
Step 3:
Melt soy wax in a water bath and then carefully pour it into the eggshells.
Step 4:
After the wax has hardened, you can use the bottom of an egg packaging with the finished egg candles as well as e.g Decorative eggs, feathers and decorate with moss.



Have fun imitating!


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